Short Documentary ‘Louis Le Roy – life and work in time and space’ screened after tomorrows microclimat demonstration in Amsterdam West.

With social temperatures going up I want to invite you for another kind of demonstration tomorrow, one that shows how we can start building microclimates with the truckloads of used stones and streettiles from city’s. Being inspired by the ecocathedral built by Louis Le Roy in Mildam Friesland I’ve been recycling 200 tons of this building material to create objects, elements and gardens in Amsterdam. Tomorrow you’re welcome to see this kind of old-school up-cycling for your self and after the walk a short documentary made by Beate Lendt will be screened to further introduce you to the idea of building an ecocathedral in Amsterdam.


We meet at the gate of gardeners club De Ark at Nico Broekhuysenweg 7 in Amsterdam Geuzenveld from 15.30h and the walk and talk starts at 16.00h. The demo ends around 17.00h at gardenparc De Eendracht with showing the film about the life and work of Le Roy.

Not able to join but interested? Check out:

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