CORONA.FILM – Prologue – OVALmedia / Mar 26, 2021 (Deutsch/English)

Mirrored from Mariaisler70, 28-3-2021 (77min): On 25 March 2021, the video platform ‘Vimeo’ deleted OVALmedia’s new documentary film “CORONA.FILM – Prologue” without warning. The film, which is considered by leading epidemiologists to be one of the best cinematic reappraisals of the current corona crisis, is thus no longer available to many paying customers. It remains an open question whether the film was deleted despite its previous success, or precisely because of it. What is certain is that more than 100 videos from OVALmedia have also been taken off the internet along with it. The entire Vimeo channel, which OVALmedia has been operating for 10 years, was also shut down without warning.

In the face of this unprecedented attack on the existence of our company, we have decided to act. Today, the film “CORONA.FILM – Prologue” is made available on various free and independent platforms. Instead of asking for a small contribution by means of a paywall, we are now asking viewers directly for voluntary financial support. This is the only way we can recoup the costs of making the film and, above all, continue to work on the cinematic review of the Corona crisis.

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