Police On Guard For Thee Canada – Remember Your Oath – Will You Stand?

Mirrored from Police On Guard For Thee, 5-1-2021 (1:45): As active and retired members of various police services across this great country, we recognize our sworn oath to uphold the Constitution of Canada, including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and we intend on upholding that oath in everything that we do. We have a responsibility to the people of Ontario who are depending on us to stand up for those guaranteed rights and freedoms and that responsibility is not taken lightly. We will not back down, that we can promise you.  We will today, and the days to come, continue to Stand on Guard for Thee. #RememberYourOath

Police on Guard for Thee’s Cover of Mad World, 26-2-2021 (1:33)

This past year, leading up to our current societal state has left so many people feeling hurt, angry, depressed and sad, to name a few. Sometimes you just need an outlet. Some of our very talented members at Police on Guard for Thee, put together this video, as a reminder that we feel the same feelings as our fellow Canadians.

Mad World cover, originally sang by Gary Jules.

Police on Guard for Thee’s Letter to the public, 1-3-2021 (2:21)

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