Dr. Vernon Coleman – Cowardly, Brain Dead, Rancid Little Runts

Mirrored from Dr. Vernon Coleman, 1-4-2021 (19min): Dr Vernon Coleman analyses who is responsible for the dystopian world that is being created. If we don’t move quickly, it’ll be too late.

In recent months, Dr Coleman’s videos have been heavily targetted by paid trolls who were spreading lies, libels and misinformaton which have affected his life. Sadly, this is why Dr Coleman has had to disable comments. He apologises and says that he misses all your kind and encouraging comments.


For more unbiased information about other important matters, please visit https://www.vernoncoleman.org where there is a link to his latest book, ‘Endgame’ which explains the background to Agenda 21 and what we can expect from the Great Reset.

Great Source: https://brandnewtube.com/@DrVernonColeman