Alfa Vedic – Navigating A Masked World Wide Awake w/ Laura Bolton

Podcast with Dr. Barre Lando and Mike Winner from Alfa Vedic, 15-4-2021 (99min). Laura Bolton is a vocal advocate for truth, health, sovereignty and freedom. Once an executive coach and change management consultant, a journey of overcoming various wellness issues led her to leave the corporate world and eventually become a holistic high performance health coach.

As her work evolved she became increasingly focused on holistic mental and emotional well-being, and subsequent studies with the Heart Math Institute inspired in her a desire to bring more heart to the world; by helping others reconnect with their true self, raise their vibration, access their inner power, wisdom and guidance, and show up in the world from a more coherent, heart-centered place.

Laura currently focuses her energy on guiding and supporting awake beings to feel resilient and well in Mind, Body and Soul, and to navigate these challenging times with ease and grace whilst consciously creating the life and world they desire.

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