Tim Truth – Data Avalache: Mission To Chronicle VAERS: New Tools In The Fight

Mirrored from @TimTruth, 4-6-2021 (32min): https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b/Adminvaxpain-1:7

Current categories:
1) miscarriage: miscarriage OR stillbirth OR still birth OR stillborn OR still born OR Pregnancy loss
2) hearingIssues: went deaf OR +deaf OR +deafness OR hearing impair OR impaired hearing
3) eyesightIssues: couldn’t see OR vision impairment OR visual impairment OR vision issues OR eye couldn’t see OR lost vision OR loss of vision OR blind OR went blind OR blindness
4) anaphylaxis: anaphylaxis OR anaphyla OR severe allergic reaction OR severe allergic response
5) gbs: +GBS OR guillain barre syndrome OR guillain-barre syndrome OR guillain barre OR guillain-barre OR +gb syndrome OR guillainbarr OR guillainbarr OR Gillian Barre
6) confusionMemory: memory loss OR forgetful OR dementia OR zone out OR zoned out OR confused
7) heartAttack: heart attack OR heart-attack OR cardiac arrest OR cardiac-arrest OR cardiac attack OR cardiac-attack OR heart arrest OR myocardial infarction OR myocardial-infarction OR heart failure OR heart-failure OR coronary thrombosis OR heart failure OR +NSTEMI OR +STEMI OR Pulseless electrical activity OR +acute CHF OR +ACLS OR fibrillation arrest OR v fib arrest OR v-fib arrest OR vfib arrest OR +SCA OR cardiac death OR a fib arrest OR a-fib arrest OR afib arrest OR +I21.4 OR +asystole OR cardiopulmonary arrest OR +arrested OR +coded OR +CHF
8) menstrual: menstruation OR menstrual OR heavy period OR light period OR heavier period OR lighter period OR heavier than normal OR period for first OR Metrorrhagia OR spotting OR hypermenorrhea OR painful period OR dysmenorrhoea OR Dysmenorrhea OR period cramp OR early period OR period was early OR late period OR period was late OR missed period OR missed my period OR Irregular menses OR Amenorrhea OR menses
9) seizure: seizure OR convulsion
10) stroke: stroke OR +CVA OR cerebrovascular accident
11) shaking: shaking OR twitch OR spasm OR convuls OR tremor OR trembling OR the shakes OR spaz
12) passingOut: fainted OR syncope OR loss of consciousness OR lost consciousness OR fell over OR passed out OR +LOC
13) numbness: +numb OR +numbness OR hypoesthesia OR lost sensation OR desensitized OR no sensation
14) paralysis: bell’s OR bells palsy OR paralysis OR paralyzed OR palsy
15) bloodClot: +clot OR +clots OR +bloodclot OR +bloodclots OR thromboembolism OR artery OR +blockage OR thrombosis OR vessel OR vasical OR embolism OR (clot != washcloth,cloth,wash cloth,wet cloth,wetcloth) OR arterio OR coagulum OR crassamentum OR embolus OR grume OR thrombus OR thrombo OR infarction OR emboli OR +DVT

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