Smart Cities, The Transhumanist Game and Lifelong Learning ~ Allison McDowell

Mirrored from @Yabba (191min). A few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to present at a small conference in Tucson on health and human rights. The focus of my talk was the gamification of life and how data extraction is fueling the creation of militarized digital worlds that may eventually catalyze Generalized Artificial Intelligence – the Singularity. Natural life is being intentionally remade through cybernetic-friendly policies and technologies (see bio-digital convergence) not only to extract profit and exert social control, but to parasitize our spirits. Wearable tech is meant to track us through the social impact panopticon as rats in a maze. Below is the video recording of the talk and the slide deck that accompanies it. The children and the natural world need us. They are waiting for us to stand up and transmute this abomination with peace and love.


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