C-19 and the Clash of Ideologies – Nick Hudson – PANDA

Mirrored from PANDA Pandemic Data & Analytics, (65min). The foundations of the bogus Covid narrative are crumbling. The novel recipe of lockdowns, masks, fear campaigns and lots of stickers turns out not only to entail horrific collateral damage, but to worsen Covid outcomes. An edifice of lies has been sustained by ruthless censorship, media blankets, and extensive conflicts of interest at our institutions of public health and science. As the lies are exposed, we stand at a crucial junction in history. Down one road lies a painful repeat lesson from history—that technocratic centralisation and surveillance deliver only stasis and gross inequality. Down the other lies an opportunity to cast off the yokes of woke critical theory, concentration of power and safety culture, and to reassert the generativity afforded only by personal agency, freedom of expression, decentralization and an evolutionary approach to knowledge and economy.

VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@PANDA:3b/CovidandtheClashofIdeologies:c

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