The Heart Is A Drum Machine (A Documentary Film About Music)

Mirrored from Tones’ Tunes, 26-1-2021 (120min). Artists and scholars investigate the question of what music, a uniquely human obsession, really is. Also included after the film is the movie trailer and the unedited 45 minute interview with musician John Frusciante.

Due to copyright, the classic Steve Martin/Dan Akroyd SNL sketch “Send More Chuck Berry” has been omitted. Produced By: Ryan Page, Hans Fjellestad, Joe Mundo Directed By: Christopher Pomerenke

Featuring: Wayne Coyne Maynard James Keenan Isaac Brock George Clinton John Frusciante Juliette Lewis Elijah Wood Jason Schwartzman Tim And Eric and many more…

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Interview with Ryan Page @ Freemantv: