HUGE Protests In Germany As GLOBAL UPRISING CONTINUES! Police ATTACKS Activists!

Mirrored from World Alternative Media, 1-8-2021 (22min). Josh Sigurdson reports on the continued global uprising taking place as people say NO to vaccine passports and further lockdowns. The government in Germany has put in place crazy new vaccine passport restrictions which attack basic bodily autonomy and as protesters take to the streets of Berlin, the government BANS opposition essentially by banning protests. Videos continue to come out of police beating and attacking men, women and children, especially women as footage shows police punching, ruthlessly beating and shoving women to the ground. Meanwhile, the so-called anti-fascist left are cheering on police as the government bans any form of protest in opposition to their insane new technocratic restrictions. All the while, people continue to protest in massive numbers in the streets of Paris, Italy and Switzerland. Are you going to stand up yet?


World Alternative Media:

Mirrored from Tim Truth, 1-8-2021 (30min). Berlin Police: Great Reset Jackboots CAUGHT Selling Their Soul Brutalizing Germans:

Tim Truth: