C-19 Mass Mind Control – The Dark Truth explained by a Clinical Hypnotherapist

Mirrored from Yabba (93min). SOCIAL ENGINEERING / MASS MIND CONTROL by the government and media regarding C.O.V.I.D – Explained by a CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST. Other terms or titles that mean the same thing in essence are: Thought reform, Thought control, Hypnosis, Coercive Persuasion, Mind manipulation, Brainwashing, Mental control, Malignant use of group dynamics and others. But what all those terms boil down to is persuasion and influence – which means, how to change people’s beliefs and behaviors in covert ways.

So how does it work? Why does it work? Why doesn’t it work on some people? I’ll answer and expand on these as we go along in the video. They are not simple one sentence answers unfortunately, but by the end of the video you’ll be well-aware and to stop any mind manipulation in its tracks the very next time you watch a C.O.V.I.D local gov press conference or local mainstream news media spewing stats and what “you” have to do to stop it etc…. Because once you become aware of something that’s being done to you, you will always see it for what it truly is in the future.

What I explain to you in this video will help you to understand the mind control tactics that government leaders and mainstream media exercise to persuade you covertly comply with their indirect demands. I will give you insight as well into the social dynamics taking place between targets (you) and them in their quest for your acquiescence in whatever they want you to believe.

VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@yabba:e/’C.O.V.I.D.’-MASS-MIND-CONTROL-(THE-DARK-TRUTH)-:9

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…it is not the ‘fear of death’ itself, no… indeed no, but rather the fear of the ‘loss of the self’, the essence, the kernel of consciousness, for we believe rightly or wrongly, that it is this phenomenon, which is definitively who we are. It simply ‘is what is us’… – tangentopolis 2020

equally… we remember from both near and far, thee o the just… and how it was that… “in some of Pavlov’s dogs, the Leningrad flood had accidentally abolished the recently conditioned behaviour patterns implanted by him…

…we might also expect others to become more suggestible or show reversal of previous patterns of behaviour and thought, because a paradoxical or ultra-paradoxical phase of brain activity was being produced [or ‘induced’].” — William Sargant, (1957) ‘Battle for the Mind’, p44-45.


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