Dr. Tom Cowan – Chickenpox Webinar + Q&A

Webinar from 27-8-2021, mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan (64min). With the help of my friend Dr. Sam Bailey, we will take a deep look at what actually causes chickenpox. Does the varicella-zoster virus exist, as we have been told? Is chickenpox really contagious? The answers to these questions are clear and, for some, will be surprising.
In addition, I will take a brief look at a recently published critique by Dr. Peter McCullough of a study coming out in The Lancet. Even though Dr. McCullough makes important points, my worry is that he entirely misses the boat on virology. Tune in and find out why.

Q&A Session Topics Included:
-Why people are getting sick
-Health Strategies to protect against Vaccine Shedding
-Delta Variant
-How to strengthen your coherence
-In silico genome