Awaken NY – The Viral Panopticon – Dr. Tom Cowan on The Contagion Myth and Why Viruses (including Coronavirus) are Not the Cause of Disease

Mirrored from Dharmabear (68min). Viral Panopticon Public Health’s Prison Planet Conference – July 10, 2021

Dr. Thomas Cowan – The Viral Panopticon – Part 1

  • Why is the field of virology an effective weapon in coercing global systems change?
  • Has the Fourth Industrial Revolution led scientists to betray natural life on Earth?
  • How do hedge funds benefit from medical apartheid and the global biosecurity state rollout?
  • What would true healing look like?
  • How do we break Davos’ spell and halt COVID’s coup d’état?


Dr. Thomas Cowan – The Viral Panopticon – Part 2:

Dr. Thomas Cowan:
How does a virologist know that there is a new virus and proves that it causes disease?
If you don’t know how to answer this, how do you know how it should be done? Once you know the answer to that, you’ll never again believe that viruses cause any disease.

Here is how you do it:

How do you know that there is a new virus?
People will answer that a lot of people got sick here and then it spread to another place or person, contact tracing, PCR. Those are all epidemiological observations. The role of epidemiology, science and medicine is to generate hypotheses which then can be tested to demonstrate the cause. There is no reputable medical doctor or scientist who knows anything about this who thinks that any epidemiological observation proves the existence of a virus or proves the virus causes disease. Scurvy, pellagra, beri beri, etc.

Dr. Thomas Cowan: