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Mirrored from After Skool, 26-10-2021 (10min). Graham Hancock is a British author and former journalist. He is known for his controversial views on the possibility of a lost advanced civilization of the Ice Age, and his investigations of cataclysmic Earth changes, megalithic architecture, altered states of consciousness, ancient myths, and astronomical data from the past. He is the author of many extraordinary, best-selling books, such as “America Before”, “Magicians of the Gods”, “The Sign and the Seal”, “Fingerprints of the Gods”, “Heaven’s Mirror”, “Underworld”, and “Supernatural”.

VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@AfterSkool:7/who-would-survive-the-collapse-of:4

The first half of this video is an original piece of writing from Graham Hancock. The 2nd half is from his lecture, “America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization”. The full presentation can be viewed here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAccZ8eWhXo&t=5142s

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