Informed Consent: Choice or Dilemma? Nick Hudson with Dr. Herman Edeling and Advocate Sabelo Sibanda @ PANDA

Mirrored from PANDA, 1-11-2021 (73min). Are you a student? Or are the parent of a student? Do you know if your decision on vaccinations is right for you?
Before deciding on mandatory vaccinations for UCT, the Board ran a poll. Claiming to be the voice of the students, they went ahead with the results after only 23% of the student body had voted. In addition, the information presented by the university was from organisations who recently benefitted from huge donations by vaccine stakeholders. One-sided views don’t allow for informed consent.
In this webinar, we tackled the science and the legalities surrounding the current vaccine mandates at South African universities.

Nick Hudson, PANDA
Dr Herman Edeling
Advocate Sabelo Sibanda