Port of Vancouver closes as BC flooding damages Rail & Roads – The Ice Age Farmer

Mirrored from The Ice Age Farmer, 17-11-2021 (11min). Canada’s largest port by far, the port of Vancouver, has closed, as have the rails and highways connecting it to Canada, after being severely damaged in the flooding in an “atmospheric river” event. The deep water port is responsible for 1/3 of Canadian imports and exports, meaning the grains that the world so badly needs from Canada are not able to get out. And the overflow of goods from other congested North American ports are now wholly unable to get in. Christian explains why this is not just a local catastrophe, but a worldwide one, in this Ice Age Farmer report.

VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@iceagefarmer:42/port-of-vancouver-closes-as-bc-flooding:a

FULL SHOW NOTES: https://www.iceagefarmer.com/2021/11/17/port-of-vancouver-closes-as-bc-flooding-damages-rail-roads/

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