Conversations with Dr. Cowan & Friends – Alessio Angeleri on the Importance of Light for Human Health

Episode 35 Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, 26-8-2021 (60min). On this week’s episode of Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends, I talk with Alessio Angeleri, an Italian researcher, who uses his background in chemical and electrical engineering to look deeply into the question of how physical matter is created. Although I would admit that some parts of the interview get pretty technical, I did my best to translate his concepts into simple English.

With that caveat, I trust you will ascertain what real science knows about how physical substance comes into being. For some it will be shocking, for others, it will simply be confirmation of what human beings have always known and experienced but have somehow forgotten in our materialistic age. A new science is coming, and the new science will show us the way to a view of the human being that is magnificent and beautiful. Let’s enjoy and have courage for the journey.

Episode 40 with Alessio Angeleri and Angelo, 11-11-2021 (53min). Today’s podcast is Part 2 of an interview with Italian engineer and inventor Alessio Angeleri. In the first interview, we laid the foundation for the importance of light for human health. In this follow-up interview, we learn how to apply the biology of light to our own health. Alessio and his partner Angelo have founded a business that creates light devices that stimulate healing in our bodies. Learn about the science of light, how to use light in your own healing process, and why you should never take vitamin D as a supplement.

The vitamin D issue is huge right now as many “alternative” doctors are touting vitamin D3 as part of the “cure” for the current health situation. Learn why taking large doses of synthetic vitamin D (which includes every pill or liquid form of vitamin D, not as a component of such foods as cod liver oil or lard) is akin to taking synthetic steroids, i.e., prednisone. You trade temporary benefits for a long-term deterioration of your health. Tune in to this important interview, then check out our new light-box offer made by these wonderful researchers.

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