The Third and Final Pillar of Virology – Friday Webinar with Dr. Tom Cowan

Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, 28-1-2022 (61min). In this webinar, I discussed a study published in the prestigious journal Nature ( where researchers conclusively demonstrated that whenever fetal calf serum is added to any cell culture, it is simply impossible to use the results of this culture to determine the RNA sequence of any new virus. I examined the study in depth and showed how it refutes the entire foundation of genetic virology.

I also held a brief Q+A session. Topics were:
– Proper wound care
– History of hand washing and safe soaps
– How do we protect ourselves from wildfire smoke?
– Better ways to take care of teeth

Here’s the original video referenced during the discussion:

My dear friend and colleague Sally Fallon Morrell is looking for help finding two studies that are published only in German. If anyone can finds these studies, please reach out to
Here’s the study information:
1. Tappender F. Neue Methode, bei Tieren durch Einatmung frischer, zerst¨aubter phtisiwcher Sputa allgemeine Miliartuberkulose zu erzeugen. In: Amtlicher Bericht der 50. Versammlung deutscher Naturforscher und ¨Ärzte in München; September 1877.
2. Tappender F. Die Erzeugung allgemeiner Miliartuberkulose durch Einatmung zerst¨aubter phtisischer Sputa. Wiener Medizinische Presse; 1877. p. 43.