Do the Pictures on the Electron Microscope Prove That Sars-Cov-2 Exists? – Friday Webinar with Dr. Tom Cowan

Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, 4-2-2022 (60min). In this webinar, I discussed whether or not the pictures on the electron microscope prove SARS-COV-2 exists. I referenced the work of Mike Stone, which can be found here: The Corona Committee interview can be watched here:

I also held a Q+A session. The topics were:
– Fixing broken or fractured bones without hospitals
– Preventing apendicitis
– Mitigating effects of autism
– A story about Lyme disease
– What causes STD’s?
– Cold water retention enemas
– Tobacco mosaic virus
– Soy
– What’s making people sick now?
– Why do people deny the reality that masks don’t work?
– Why would a cell culture be negative?
– Advice for homeschooling children

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