Kate Sugak with Dr. Tom Cowan on the Contagion Myth, Germ and Cell Theory, Fever and Antibiotics

Mirrored from Kate Sugak, 24-4-2022 (48min). Friends, I present to you my conversation with the world famous MD, author and researcher Tom Cowan. Tom is one of the leaders in the evidence-based medicine movement. Through his active educational work, he was able to help thousands of people around the world to learn to independently check the actions of scientists, distinguish truth from fiction in science and wake up to the real biology, which is inherently free from fear. In this video we talked about:

  • Tom’s story. How, as a medical doctor, he realized that viruses do not exist and contagion is a myth.
  • Strep throat and why bacteria are not the cause of the disease.
  • About high temperature, what function it actually performs in our body and should we reduce it.
  • Antibiotics.
  • What is wrong with the cell theory, on which the whole idea of ​​​​the existence of viruses is based.

VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@katie.su:7/kateinterviewstomcowan:0

Tom Cowan’s website https://drtomcowan.com/

About the author of the video: Kate Sugak is a naturopath, researcher and activist. Kate is working to popularize the real biology and bridge the gap between the people and science in our society.
Her goal is to empower people to control the actions of scientists and read scientific publications that directly affect our lives.

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