Alan Watt – Reason Battles For Logical Conclusion In This Age Of Manufactured Confusion

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Dec. 14, 2014 Alan Watt Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk – Redux links below:
Lysenkoism, Lenin’s Brain, Pavlov’s Dogs and The Real Anthony Fauci – by Not Sure

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TOPICS – Laboratory Rats – The Natural Order – Mainstream and Alternative Media – Relativity – Mystical Thinking – Deliberate Confusion and Expert Advice – Maximizing Profit – Reasoning Abilities – Soviet Union – Propaganda – Austerity Program – Club of Rome – Facts Don’t Matter – United Nations Climate Talks, COP20 in Lima, Peru – UN Green Climate Fund – Immunity from Prosecution – UNFCCC – Scientists and Social-Political Agendas – Soviet Agriculture, Deliberate Starvation and Lysenko – Creation of the Soviet Man – Forced Evolution – Use of Statistics – Surveys of the Public – Bioengineering – Lenin’s Brain – Worship of Scientists – Psychopathy and Categories – Actors and Politicians – Casting Off the Old Morality – Scandals – Globalist Advisors – Bail-outs by Taxpayers – Inflation – Bail-ins – The New System – Housing Bubble – Lifetime Monitoring – Scotland, Health and Social Information Sharing – New Verbiage – Mental Health Testing – Pre-crime and Thought-crime – Managed Society.
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Original Audio and Topics – “Cutting Through the Matrix” with Alan Watt – “Reason Battles for Logical Conclusion in This Age of Manufactured Confusion” – Dec. 14, 2014

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