Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends: Matt Maruca on the Light Diet

Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, 9-6-2022 (61min). Hi, everyone. Today’s podcast conversation is with Matt Maruca, the founder and owner of Ra Optics. As a result of suffering from health challenges, Matt went on a quest to determine what could be the source of his troubles. After years of searching, he stumbled upon the idea that maybe he was exposed to too many unnatural and harmful lights. This realization began a long study of the effects of light on living creatures.

He was able to determine that sunlight is our primary nutrient. This finding aligns with my own understanding of the components of a living system: Light is its primary source of information. If we are continually exposed to artificial light instead of natural sunlight, our health will inevitably suffer.

Working with these principles, Matt was able to formulate what he calls his “light diet” and to produce high-quality glasses that block the majority of the harmful blue lights that emerge from our devices. The result is relevant for us all. I have been using the Ra Optics yellow and red glasses now for a few weeks, and they are a good addition to my life. Tune in to hear more about the history and science of the “light diet” and the benefits to your health of Ra Optics glasses.


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