Dani Katz with Charles Eisenstein – Conspiracy Multiverse, Shrinking Audiences + Bigger Deeper Truth

Mirrored from Words (R) Matter, 28-7-2022 (45min). I had so much fun dropping in with (and poking at) writer, speaker, author, countercultural philosopher, and fellow, former Reality Sandwich contributor, Charles Eisenstein, who just launched his latest book, The Coronation.

VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@danikatz:e/charles-eisenstein-edit-p.1:0

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Find Charles at: charleseisenstein.org, where you can subscribe to his newsletter and his Substack.
Nab The Coronation at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1645021785?&linkCode=sl1&tag=theascentofhu-20&linkId=ce22a2b44703a6183e9a979647a0c86c&language=enUS&ref=as_li_ss_tl

Show notes:
• The way of the Pariah: remaining skeptical without the implicit requirement of an over-simplified conscious conspiracy
• The subtlety of being a heretic
• The role of the external and internal enemy in the rise of totalitarianism
• Pandemic as process of initiation and the clarity of cancelation
• The cost of speaking to the “false” equivalencies between the holocaust and the early tyrannical call of the covid regime
• Ceasing an endless war: Searching for a boogie man and the default habit of taking sides
• Ending the co-dependent aspects of kindness
• Through the eyes of love: Trusting our vibration and the futility of logic and argument
• The energetic scarlet letter: Conspiracy theorist with a capital “C’
• The new gospel: The power of the moment, miracles and witnessing the formerly impossible.
• The limitation of our own imagination and our search for objective reality
• He who smelt it dealt it, and other egoic disclosures
• Reconciling a multi-dimensional perspective
• The truth and fact found within myth
• The liberation of conscious agnosticism
• The rigidity and calcified reality prison and the untold suffering it causes
• Rehabilitation of pejorative language
• The story of separation as the foundational myth of our time
• Human Destiny, ordo ab chao and other divinely charged missions
• Technology as the conqueror of NATURE
• The relationship between understanding and controlling
• Bill Gates as seen through the eyes of creepy Utopian, Bill Gates
• The lifecycle of power and how it has been cyclically wielded over the ages
• The program of control NEVER works and always breeds more chaos
• Chaos as a stronger force than control
• The reality of our interbeingness and interrelationship with the planet and our fellow humans
• The humility of participation vs. the ego of mastery
• The crisis of communication and in the power of word
• Otherizing and how it echoes through the realms
• Neutrality and escaping polarity
• Through the eyes of love: How well could this course correction go?
• The transition from separation to the return as the next act to the Universal play

Keywords: Eisenstein, conspiracy, awakening, new earth, multidimensionality, unity consciousness, separation, coronation, propaganda, otherizing