‘Ceci n’est pas un virion’ – ‘This is not a Virion’

‘Ceci n’est pas un virion’ – ‘This is not A Virion’. Found scooter helmet, toilet paper rolls, ducttape, aluminumfoil, and copper LED-light wire.

The Dark Reality Of The American BioEconomy Part 1&2 – The Last American Vagabond

Mirrored from TLAV, 24-9-2022 (89+40min). This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 9/13/22 Part 1: https://odysee.com/@TLAVagabond:5/TDWU-Clip-9-13-22:5 This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 9/15/22 Part 2: https://odysee.com/@TLAVagabond:5/TDWU-Clips-9-15-22:c The Full Episode And Links Can Be Found Here:https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/controlled-demolition-covid-illusion-ushers-biomanufacturing-american-bioeconomy/ Want to send a check to support TLAV, or just words of encouragement?Use our new […]

Legislation Of Human Composting in UK?! – Hugo Talks

Mirrored from Hugo Talks, 23-9-2022 (9min). ‘They Want To Turn You Into Fertilizer’ VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@hugotalks:8/They-Want-To-Turn-You-Into-FERTILIZER-Hugo-Talks2:d Subscribe to Website – https://hugotalks.comSupport me on PATREON – https://www.patreon.com/hugotalksMerchhttps://my-store-11735281.creator-spring.com/BITCHUTEhttps://www.bitchute.com/channel/K71ziEYUpNSo/TELEGRAM CHANNEL – https://t.me/hugotalksGETTRhttps://www.gettr.com/user/hugotalksOdyseehttps://odysee.com/@hugotalks:8​Gabhttps://gab.com/hugotalks​twitterhttps://twitter.com/hugotalks1​MINDShttps://www.minds.com/hugotalks

Should You Eat Bugs? – Dr. Sam Bailey

Mirrored from Dr. Sam Bailey, 27-9-2022 (22min). Should You Eat Bugs? VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@drsambailey:c/Should-You-Eat-Bugs:9 Full show notes and references 👉 https://drsambailey.com/resources/videos/germ-theory/should-you-eat-bugs/Leave me a tip! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/drsambailey Monero 👉 4ADKsKsEx6c8Y8g1dSVd7vUR27JnbER5R2jUTkUuKFddSKVsmnxR9AFedzHhMH4P4vePK3SbVZgMzWik423Nno7fBuH3oo3 Virus Mania Paperback: https://drsambailey.com/shop-2/ Telegram: https://t.me/drsambaileyofficial

Blood Clot – by Trillion feat. Beef Welli & JanJahrade (Music Video)

Mirrored from NZtrillion, 5-3-2022 (9:36). This video is a quick lyrics video, hopefully I get more time and energy soon to put together something better. Until then, enjoy! Footage courtesy of Lingo Lewi, Clay Drummond and unknown. If your footage has been used and you’d like me to list your name here, please message me. […]

NEVER FORGET – Dayz of Noah

Mirrored from Yabba, 22-9-2022 (31min). What a ride! VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@yabba:e/NEVER-FORGET-(1):4 Website: https://www.dayzofnoah.com/ Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mc22GYVX8OQ

Under the Skin ~ what does aluminum do in vaccines? – Documentary by Bert Ehgartner (2022)

Mirrored from QR Archive, 25-12-2022 (95min). “Under the Skin” brings a topic to the public’s attention that concerns us all: the safety of vaccinations. No medical measure interferes more intensively with the mechanisms of the immune system. At the same time, we live in a time when nearly half of the population suffers from allergies, […]

Column Prof. Dr. Cees Hamelink – Over filosofen, wijsgeren en woorden

Gespiegeld van Blckbx TV, 11-9-2022 (8min). De wereld kent steeds meer filosofen, maar zij zijn niet bij machte om de werkelijkheid onder woorden te brengen. Volgens prof. dr. Cees Hamelink vraagt deze tijd daarom om wijsgeren. Niet iedere filosoof is een Filosoof met hoofdletter F, volgens Hamelink. “Filosofie met de kleine letter f draait om […]

‘Dans en zing ongegeneerd in de straat’ moedigt Prof. Dr. Cees Hamelink aan – Blckbx TV

Gespiegeld van Blckbx TV, 25-9-2022 (8min). De wetenschap zoekt naar verklaringen om de wereld om ons heen te duiden. En daarmee is het leven grotendeels onttoverd. Maar kunnen we wel zonder magie? Volgens de Duitse socioloog Max Weber is er niet langer sprake van een mysterieuze wereld waarin wonderen een plaats hebben. Met wetenschappelijk onderzoek […]

Global Walkout – Step 4 announced by Mads Palsvig: Use Local Credit Unions & Banks!

Mirrored from Yabba, 26-9-2022 (2min). The fourth step of the global walkout is to move as many accounts as you can to a union or local bank. Use these new accounts for your savings and transactions. If you run a business, move your business accounts as well and start paying wages from there. If you […]