Dismantling ‘C-19 and the Virus Myth – Patrick Timpone with Dr. Mark Bailey

Mirrored from Dharmabear, 7-9-2022 (74min). Recorded live on September 6, 2022. Dr. Mark Bailey interviewed by Patrick Timpone on One Radio Network.

“Can you prove in a court there is no ‘SARS-CoV-2 virus’?

No control experiments have been done. Admissions of no evidence whatsoever.

‘COVID’ has been a blessing in providing the opportunity to expose virology. Lockdowns provoked people to take action.

Health freedom movement starting to realize the censorship and lack of freedom.

The idea of catching something doesn’t fly. No studies can show transmission.

500 p. textbook on influenza has no sentence proving you catch it.

In 1918 Dr. Rosenau studied cause and mode of transmissibility of Spanish influenza. Not one case was transmitted.

Reasons for high 1918-1919 mortality: prior WWI trauma, mega high dose aspirin (30 g), multiple experimental vaccines, don’t know how diagnosis was made.

Cold can slow heart rate down, a parasympathetic action. Good to challenge the body. Don’t want to push the body too far though. Mix resistance training with anaerobic.

Why do we get sick? Nutrient deficiency, eating too much, ingesting toxins, not enough exercise, psychological discontentment.

Microbe-free animals can’t survive beyond a few weeks.

Bacteria and fungi exist, but not ‘viruses’. Everything works together in symbiosis, hard to differentiate human from non-human functions.

Parasites don’t affect healthy people. They affect the malnourished, those in a toxic environment.

Those that didn’t buy into ‘COVID’ haven’t become sick. Some that have been forced against their will to take the jab because of the mandate have become broken.

Nature doesn’t care for man’s labels. Instead of labeling something as a specific disease entity, ask what the body trying to do.

Mass vaccination campaigns have lead to increase in allergies. Body is trying to expel something.

Health is not achieved through medications.

People are waking up to health, financial, and legal system scams. They can’t take away our sense of freedom.

New paper forthcoming about existence of SARS COV-2 particle.” – Patrick Timpone

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