“Destroy Your Illusions” – Oil Painting Process by Mear One

Mirrored from Mear One, 22-8-2022 (10min). “Destroy Your Illusions” is an allegory about humanity’s great awakening in this current state of technocratic rule. In this vision of 5D chess a holographic game board is projected in the aether through which elite gamers remote control our lives, multiple games within games, pushing their fascist ideology onto the world in endless supplies of darkness. For them the rules of the game are simple, if nature is unjust then simply change it. The veil in which they cloak their secrets has been stretched so thin we can now see through the weave deep into its contents. We can see this illusion, yet they continue to play as if it were real with the belief that individuals cannot penetrate it. But they were wrong. During this global lockdown no truer form of bravery was demonstrated than by those individuals who began speaking out against the authorities restricting our freedoms.

The Underground is back, it is real & has re-emerged banging on the ceiling of a floor to another game. From independent journalists to medical warriors, bitcoiners to yogis, comics to musicians, all are fearless freedom fighters trying to help humanity despite the massive censorship they’ve endured. While I might not agree with everything everyone says, we all share agreed upon values about the fundamental importance of freedom for humanity that rejects power to be held absolutely in the hands of ideologues & charlatans.

This painting has been my psychotherapist for over 21 months, helping reorient my mind & align my soul towards a light source we all seem to be collectively tapping into manifest here as the Light Warrior, an icon of the collective consciousness, a just, humane, ecological force, placing freedom over ego, greed & control.

Be the Light Warrior for those who hold fear in their hearts, help them see beyond the darkness of duality into a multidimensional world of courage & creativity. As we seek to find a safe spot to hold out through the storm the realization sinks in that there’s nowhere to run, the simulation is everywhere, there’s only where you are, so just be here now. In this moment of stillness I hope my art is there to open these doors of perception to the light source.

We are many, our will is strong & the illusion of fear only holds the attention of those who acquiesce their consciousness. There’s no limit on our human potential, it is as limitless as the answer is timeless. Together in the light we can manifest anything. PEACE, MEAR ONE

“Destroy Your Illusions,” 2022. 4×5′ oil on canvas.
Limited edition prints available at https://store.mearone.com

Video editing & original musical composition by @Art Before Death

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSLgNt5NMVQ