Frank Chester – Anatomy and Function of the Human Heart (2022)

Mirrored from Dharmabear, 10-10-2022 (67min). Uploaded January 22, 2022

“Frank Chester presents his 22 years of research on the function and anatomy of the human heart.

When he retired at age 60, he wanted to learn more about science, because he always loved science. So he went back to college and for the first time in his life heard about the Platonic solids.

This got him so excited and curious that he was obsessed with finding the 7 sided form. The form between the cube and the Octahedron.

When he found that form after months of building models with his hands, he named it the Chestahedron.

Then he realized that what he discovered is the geometric blueprint of the human heart.

In this presentation Frank talks about his findings in regards to the layers of the heart, the anatomical heart and the function of the heart.

A cardiologist of one of the most prestigious medical research institutes in the world thinks that what Frank discovered will one day be awarded with something like the Nobel prize.”


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