Conversations with Dr. Cowan & Friends: Michael Mendizza – Schooling vs. Education

Mirrored from Dharmabear, 13-10-2022 (59min). Uploaded October 13, 2022

“Hey, everyone. In today’s episode of ‘Conversations’, I talk with my friend Michael Mendizza about schooling and the ‘miseducation’ of our children. Our conversation revolved around understanding the difference between ‘conditioning’ children as opposed to helping educate them.

Michael has decades of experience looking into this issue and has collaborated with most of the leading people who have worked on this question. His thesis is that schooling is essentially the process of conditioning children to believe in the tenets of modern culture, often at the cost of developing critical thinking and a path to freedom.

In today’s discussion, we explore what an education for true freedom would look like. Michael also has written a paper helping parents implement these principles. Anyone who is interested in education, children or has young children of their own will want to tune in to this interview.” – Dr. Thomas Cowan


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