Symbiosis or Parasitism – A Treatise on Cancer (1991) – Enderlein Polymorphic Milieu

Mirrored from Dharmabear, 18-10-2022 (49min). Grayfield Optical presents ‘Symbiosis or Parasitism – A Treatise on Cancer’.

Enderlein Polymorphic Milieu – Our Blood Microbes Change Shape and Action

A scientific film by Bernd Muschlien and Kurt Olbrich (1991)

Released to the public on DVD in 2006.


Video Overview by Amandha Vollmer:

“What are the processes involved that cause cancer? These concepts are discussed, and the processes as they have been seen under the Ergonom microscope – a light optical research microscope which allows viewing of living unstained organisms non-destructively at a very high resolution and magnification with enhanced depth of field and color contrast using the grayfield contrast method.

Blood examination in darkfield according to Dr. Günther Enderlein.

An introduction to some of Enderlein’s monographs, as summarized by Dr. Maria M. Bleker.

Thank you to Grayfield Optical:

(Please keep in mind this company is still under the false illusion of viruses causing disease, which they DO NOT, they are RESULTS of a disease process in the body, as we are seeing from EMF blood attacks and chemical fall out from chemtrail metals and other poisons. You cannot catch these micro-organisms, they CHANGE form, inside of the body).

I want one of these microscopes! Goals!

The question begs, WHY don’t scientists, researchers, doctors, etc. USE this microscope? Why don’t they study LIVE blood and darkfield microscopy? What are they hiding? Why have they been censoring the truth of our bodies and keeping humanity in the dark? Why are they STILL lying about contagion and the germ causing disease when it is a RESULT of illness?

Live Blood Online:

Blood is NOT sterile – For a long time many researchers and doctors believed, and many still do, that blood is sterile. Professor Dr. Günther Enderlein after numerous years of research proved otherwise. He showed using darkfield microscopy, that the serum of all people and warm-blooded animals are alive with many moving ‘particles’. He called these particles ENDOBIONTS (from the Greek ‘endon’ = internal and ‘bios’ = life). When you first look at a live blood sample under a microscope or on a monitor you cannot fail to see a multitude of moving, living particles. These are the Endobionts, and are an important part of health.

As a blood smear slide ages over one to two days, organisms literally can be seen wiggling out of the red blood cells, organisms that change into more degenerate and pathological forms as the process proceeds. When the rotting or putrefaction process is over when there is nothing more for the newly formed viruses, bacteria and fungi to eat, they all break apart again, disappear, and turn back into the ‘little dots’ they came from, the Protits/Microzymas/Somatids. They eat themselves and are reborn, the alchemical snake forever eating its tail (the Uroboros); or the Phoenix, a mythical bird of great beauty that was reborn from the ashes of its own funeral pyre.”

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