Kate Sugak with Mike Donio – Antibodies, HIV and serological tests

Mirrored from Katie.su, 8-11-2022 (79min). Dear friends, I am pleased to present to you my very interesting conversation with Mike Donio.

Mike is an accomplished scientist from the US with 20 years of experience in the biotech & pharmaceutical industry. Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a Minor in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts and a master’s degree in Biotechnology with a focus on Biotechnology Enterprise from Johns Hopkins. His unique experience spans from working under a top infectious diseases doctor on HIV research to a Senior Scientist developing antibodies to treat cancer. In 2021 Mike was let go from his most recent position in a biotech company he worked at for not complying with the Covid Vaccine policy, and since then he started actively work to help people to learn the truth about pharmaceutical and biotech industries, shedding the light to anti scientific behavior that became a normal practice in the scientific field.

In this interview, we discussed the following topics:
1. Mike’s story and how he came to the conclusion that there was something wrong with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.
2. How Mike came to the realization that viruses do not exist and that the germ theory of disease is wrong.
3. His experience with working on”HIV” research.
4. For quite some time Mike worked in the field of antibody research. We discussed:

  • Whether antibodies have ever been isolated and visualized with a microscope.
  • What antibodies are in the laboratory.
  • Whether the specificity of antibodies has ever been proven.
  • Serologic tests for antibodies, how exactly they work, and how test results are interpreted.
  • HIV antigen/antibody tests – what happens in the lab to the blood sample and whether ANY result from these tests can be taken seriously.
  • Antidotes and antivenins, which are claimed to be made based on “specific antibodies”. Is there enough scientific evidence to claim that they work as described.

VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@katie.su:7/mikedoniokatesugak:1

Where you can find Mike Donio:
Flowcode page with all his links (flowcode.com/page/stillinthestorm)
His Substack (stillinthestorm.substack.com)
His Telegram community (t.me/stillinthestorm)

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