The Artist Against The System – Jon Rappoport on Radio 3Fourteen

Mirrored from Hall of Truth, 9-5-2022 (72min). Aired 2-5-2013. Original introduction:
Jon Rappoport is an investigative journalist, author and publisher of the web site He has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health. Although his main focus over these years has been the power of the imagination and creativity, he is most often cited and interviewed on conspiracies and global elites.

In this interview, we discuss illusions within the matrix and the manufacturing of “reality” by the priest class, politicians and kings. Jon says the formulas of control are old, but underneath is the replacement of the imagination. Then, we focus on the power of the individual, creative artist who taps into something beyond the matrix. The artist opposes the trend of the collective.

Jon discusses the absurd idea of a rainbow philosophy that pretends to include everyone but the artist knows that all such harmonies wear out and are eventually co-opted to produce mass hypnosis. We’ll discuss the collective in its various guises and how it seeks to
swallow up people and sweep away resistance.

Later, Jon speaks about family programming and anti-self messages coming out of Hollywood. The path of the self is one that is viewed as a dangerous path; it is one to be fixed with drugs and psychiatry. Jon addresses the real power of the one apart from the group, free of mind control but operating within his/her own reality. It is the artist who destroys the matrix over and over. From this perspective, Jon gives his vision of the future, despite the collective and manufactured realities by matrix insiders.


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