Wednesday Webinar and Q&A – Dr. Tom Cowan

Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, 16-11-2022 (59min).

In this webinar, we cover the following:
Gain of Fiction review
Update for the Virus Challenge
Topics covered:
Heart/heart issues
Social Security ( a new challenge, please read on below)

Dr. Cowan’s Social Security Challenge- which would you choose?
1. We can keep the system as is
2. Go with Tom’s proposal

– Being part of social security is voluntary.
– Once interest & inflation rates are agreed upon, an offer to people to get that money in a lump sum whenever they wish should be present.
– You wait until you are retired- and can then choose whatever monthly amount that you wish to be paid out monthly to yourself, as long as it does not exceed the amount initially put in.

YES- you are agreeing to this new social security proposal


NO- you would prefer to keep the system as is

Q&A Topics include:
1. Graphene oxide in injections
2. Any tips on the best way to recover from surgery?
3. I’m really curious to know what your opinion is on using an electric kettle. Does that alter the structure or negatively affect water in any way?
4. What might cause caffeine withdrawal headaches in someone who uses high-quality organic caffeine sparingly, recognizing it for the drug that it is?
5. What do you use for underarm deodorant, if any? Should we use anything or just allow our bacteria to regulate any odors?
6. Do you have a protocol for tick bites?
7. Could you please speak about hair loss in a person experiencing an overwhelming amount of stress sustained over months, although isn’t certain of the cause of the hair loss?
8. Please explain how chlorine dioxide works, so incredibly well, for so many things. AKA. ClO2, CDS or MMS. I presume it helps the body greatly to clean up the terrain. But, how does it purify drinking water, yet still leave all the good bacteria alone in the body?
9. My science teacher in the 10th grade told us never to walk barefoot in the grass on the ground because we could get worms. The teacher said the worms are so small they can crawl through the soles of our feet and infect our bodies. To this day, I do not walk barefoot in the grass because of that. Is that statement true?