One Radio Network Flashbacks: Patrick Timpone with Dr. Tom Cowan in 2015, 2018 & 2020

Mirrored from The Best of Patrick Timpone from One Radio Network.

2015 Interview (63min): I believe this is Patrick’s first interview with Dr. Cowan. Way back before the pandemic.


2018 Interview (71min): This is a 2018 interview with Dr. Cowan, author of “The Heart is Not a Pump”. For those tired of virus talk, this is a good one about heart health. Most people have one.


2018 Interview (70min): Patrick interviews Dr. Cowan about vaccines.


2020 Interview (56min): Dr. Cowan was in the process of giving up his License( i think) during this show. He realized how corrupt the medical system is. This one is during the summer of 2020.


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