We Are All MKUltra Now – Freeman with Elisa E

Mirrored from Freeman TV, 4-12-2022 (58min). As Elon Musk prepares Neuralink for human trials, we must ask the question, how far has mind control technology come since MKUltra? Will we find that these technologies affect not only the mind but the soul also. Will we allow moral bioenhancement drugs to bring about a collectivist future? Can a D-Wave quantum computer open a door to another dimension or allow demonic entities into A.I. technology?

Our Life Beyond MKUltra: Then and Now is the deepest and most detailed book yet written on the experience of, and recovery from, the MKUltra program. Elisa E’s bravery in deprogramming her personality, fragmented from childhood by abusive controllers into ‘alters’–task-oriented hidden personalities brought to the surface for a specific job–allows her to come to terms with on-going arising buried memories from various sources within, so she can regain her soul.

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Here is the link to the Covid Vaccine: Consequences on the Soul, Spirit and Life After Death. (Anthroposophical viewpoint on the current situation)

Elisa E is a survivor of MKUltra programming born in New Jersey, United States in the early 1960s. Her story crosses the MKUltra trauma-based programming of that era and runs into the technological advancements in the 1990s taking her into remote programming and accessing (eMKUltra), as well as cloning technologies occurring in the late 1980s programs.
As a survivor and support person to other survivors, she chose to update these books in 2022 as a witness to what is occurring globally since late 2019. Her insights remain pertinent due to the eyes to see and ears to hear beyond the narrative and into the esoteric agenda she has lived through, as well as some of her prophetic proclamations from early deprogramming playing out.
Many of Elisa’s interviews on various alternative media internet radio shows can be found online. Some have been removed, by whom we don’t know. Additionally, Elisa wrote articles for several issues of Paranoia Magazine.

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