Challenging Mainstream Perceptions of Medicine – Jim Gale & Matthew Britt with Dr. Tom Cowan

Mirrored from Dharmabear, 13-12-2022 (59min). Uploaded November 2, 2022. Dr. Thomas Cowan interviewed by Jim Gale and Matthew Britt – The Jim Gale Show – Episode 17

“In this episode, guest and bestselling author Dr. Tom Cowan, a physician for 40 years, challenges much of our programming about medicine. He stresses the importance of checking out information first before believing what we are told, and asking others how they arrive at their decisions, thoughts, or claims.

Topics covered in this interview:

  • The significance of water as an ‘electrifying generating gel’, making up 70 percent of our bodies. Health is a ‘perfect crystal gel’, unique to each of us.
  • An MRI measures structured water in cells. If water is coherent, meaning it’s a ‘structured gel’, you get a coherent signal. With cancer, you’re losing ‘the gel’, and the signal becomes more like a puddle.
  • The history of natural medicine and why detoxification processes like sweat lodges and coffee enemas work. ‘Don’t keep putting shit into your system’, Dr. Cowan says.
  • Challenging assertions that ribosomes even exist in the body. All we can really see in cells are the membrane, nucleus, mitochondria and cytoplasm.
  • The truth about medicine existing in a field beyond us. ‘Everything to do with medicine is asking’, according to Dr. Cowan: ‘What is the input? Is it the sun, the moon, and you and your beloved dogs and friends and the soil? Or is it someone telling you lies and putting manmade harmful frequencies in your space? Or is it pure water? Or microplastics? If it’s one you’ll be healthier; if it’s the other, you’ll be static. That’s what we call disease.’
  • Freeing your mind by asking: What do you really see?
  • Dr. Cowan claims ‘viruses’ do not exist, that you cannot find them.
  • Two concepts of reality prevalent now: 1) We are created in the image of God, with free energy, a healthy dynamic, freedom-loving and with a desire to protect the Earth and its creatures. 2) That we are a collection of molecules, specs of dust, and we become God through genetic manipulation, not the Creator.
  • Destructive things people do because of what they believe, including a case of a doctor who died for his work with ‘HIV’.
    The ‘false foundations’ of our society, and the ways fear is used to control us.” – Jim Gale


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