BlueTRUTH – Nanotechnology, Graphene & Frequencies (2022)

Mirrored from Dharmabear, 19-12-2022 (32min). Uploaded May 14, 2022 With Dr. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, Dr. Pedro Chávez Zavala, Diego Barrientos and others. Based on the work of Professor Pablo Campra, Ph.D., Dr. Manuel Aparicio Alonso and others. Directed by Andreé Lealle


“Are those who accepted the useless and dangerous convid vaccine emitting Bluetooth signals? What is the ‘internet of things’? How does this tie in with the 5G technology being placed everywhere, without care for the damage being done to nature? Who will claim ‘ownership’ of these MAC (Media Access Control) addresses they are finding in the ‘vaccinated’? What are the speculative reasons for this nanotech? Is it just to mark the slaves or could it be for mind controlling purposes?” – ADV


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