Farming as a Work of Art and Health – Jim Gale & Matthew Britt interview Dr. Barre Lando

Mirrored from Dharmabear, 19-12-2022 (82min). Uploaded December 2, 2022

“In this episode, Dr. Barre Paul Lando, a chiropractor and functional doctor who also has extensive training in conventional, Chinese, and other medicines, shares his life off-grid on his permaculture farm.

He provides unique insights on the healing powers of nature and the ways he uses his expertise as a doctor, and his wife’s skills as a gardener, to create their farm.

As founder and formulator for Alfa Vedic, Dr. Lando traveled an eclectic path through athletics and academics in becoming a Physician, Kinesiologist-Functional Movement Specialist & Master Gardener.

Topics covered in this interview:

  • Dr. Lando went off-grid when he retired after 40 years in functional medicine, becoming totally self-sufficient on his land.
  • The start of his Alfa Vedic business, a co-operative of integrative medicine and commerce, grounded in sustainable agriculture. Dr. Lando sees it as ‘permaculture full circle’ – from growing his own food and medicine to starting a business to help fund his five permaculture zones and providing education.
  • The benefits of naturopathy versus conventional medicine’s focus on treating disease or germs.
  • The importance of aesthetics in creating a permaculture farm and using beauty for a resonance that makes everything work better.
  • How to make laboratory processes mimic what nature does, consciously.
  • The co-hosts and guest all share the limits of traditional academics, and the love of learning independently, with Jim Gale referencing a book that influenced him beyond what he learned in school: ‘The Psychology of Winning’ by Denis Waitley
  • Wave-form physics, and ways to lose attachments to lower emotions, to become more effective.
  • The skyrocketing of ‘autoimmune diseases’, and dealing with sickness and fear versus potentiality.
  • According to Dr. Lando, the new jabs are more dangerous than earlier ones used on us as children, because they are now dealing with genetics, with a focus on profit.
  • How the world really works, which does not mean one is a conspiracy theorist to challenge the ‘black magic’ being thrown at us. Focus on putting your resonance on what you do want, and ‘stop being their batteries’ and they will ‘wither like water’.
  • So-called AI (Artificial Intelligence) is ‘sucking our souls out’.
  • Dr. Lando’s use of bio-geometry on his farm to create a resonance that can be measured, and a dowsing pendulum/stick to tune in for specific information.
  • Dr. Lando’s tips for permaculture, from starting in a kitchen or a container garden to building our emotional connection to food.” – Jim Gale

“Dr. Lando is noted amongst his peers for his innovative clinical strategies, and has made himself available over the years for both consulting and professional training to other health professionals.

The integration of wave-form mechanics, and largely suppressed aspects of biophysics and microbiology are now his primary focus in creating a genuine ‘science-based’ system of functional medicine, thus avoiding the inherent limitations of present ‘theory-based’ conventions within institutionalized systems.

Although retired from clinical practice, ‘difficult cases’ have always comprised the bulk of Dr. Barre’s international client base, and the custom compounding of nutrients, homeopathics, and herbs became a necessity in meeting their needs.

This experience would become the roots of the present line of advanced macro-nutrient herbal formulas that have been made available to the general public under the trade name of Alfa Vedic. Alfa Vedic and AV Botanical Gardens are the natural culmination, and next evolution of Dr. Barre’s work.”


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