Wellness = Water series, Episode 5: “Shedding Light on Water” with Jason Bawden-Smith

Mirrored from TRAK Kayaks, 2-10-2020 (80min). In the fifth episode of the Wellness Equals Water series, we are bringing light to water. Water is powerful. In this episode, we add the role of the sun, in a provocative interview. Jason Bawden-Smith shares a LOT of profound insights about his journey transcending over 20 chronic illnesses and conditions, and the role of nature in that journey (specifically the sun and the water in our bodies, that is foundational to our vitality). There are even stories of humpback whales & dolphins! Meet Jason “No B.S.” Bawden-Smith speaking, apropos, from the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/@TRAKkayaks