Wednesday Webinar with Dr. Tom Cowan

Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, 11-1-2023 (59min). In this webinar, Dr. Cowan discusses the following topics:

-Pumpkin Update
-The definition of a disease
-Differential diagnosis
-Vaccine for bees
-A new drug for dementia patients
-The World’s Fairs
-Urine samples
-A brief clarification and follow-up from last week’s webinar about molecules

A Q&A session was also held; topics included:
1. In your opinion, can a urine infection cause delusions and hallucinations in the elderly or do you think the cause is from something else? If it can, how do you suppose the bacteria in a urine infection is able to affect the brain in such a way? And why aren’t younger people’s brains affected when they have urine infections? If antibiotics really do work to clear up a urine infection, how?
2. What do you think about Vitamin D3 derived from “lichen”?
3. How would you treat a large prostate?
4. Do you have any thoughts of anything someone could do to avoid surgery for leaky valves?
5. I’m seeking information on the safety of long-term use of low-dose aspirin for strokes.
6. From a terrain perspective, how so-called “HPV” really works, the nature of the disorder and how to relieve it, and specific to the female anatomy. When they tell someone “you caught HPV and might get cancer,”
7. Possible cures for osteomyelitis and tonsillitis outside of surgery.
8. Could you speak to the issue of an increase in respiratory illnesses at this time?
9. Could you discuss RSV? What’s really happening?
10. What should we do to treat an anaphylactic allergic reaction at home?