Wednesday Webinar and Q&A with Dr. Tom Cowan

Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, 18-1-2023 (60min). In this webinar, Dr. Cowan held a Q&A.

1. If the male and female gametes truly have 23 chromosomes each – making a 46 chromosome single cell zygote at fertilization. Where and what the chromosomes are in relation to the cell etc.
2. Is leaky gut as currently described as intestinal permeability correct? In searching I find that leaky gut is a theory. And that it is the cause of “auto-immune” conditions.
3. For people who experience seasonal/perennial allergies/asthma/bronchitis, what can we do to best support the detoxification process and not resort to taking otc cold/flu medicines?
4. Have you published any material or have any stance on the ion foot baths?
5. What would you do if Pumpkin got a cancer in his mouth? How would you treat it & would you have the cat put down?What are your views on animals passing away in their own time?
6. “Terrain theory”. Where do parasites fit in?
7. How do we know the pictures and reports of these World Fairs are real? A lot of assumptions seem to hinge on the same couple of dozen pictures that everybody repeats without much verification about the source. Who has done this type of verification? Are the originals still available somewhere for the members of the public to consult?
8. Is the entire issue of “blood types” is another subject of scrutiny entirely… since these phenotypes are determined by “genetics,” and it seems most of the field of genetics seems to be a load of garbage…Is there another phenomenon determining these blood types other than genes? Do we possess the ability to change blood types based on our nutrition or diet?
9. If pathogens don’t exist then how do you explain animal models and how they are used to study different diseases from the cold to hemorrhagic fevers?


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