Why The Truth Matters – Kelly Brogan with Dr. Tom Cowan on Reclamation Radio

Mirrored from Freedom Now!, 16-2-2023 (48min). In this episode, Kelly is joined by Tom Cowan to discuss the importance of questioning the concepts and ideas that govern our thoughts and lives. They explore the nature of health and the dangers of delusional thinking. Uncover the path to truth, understand why inquiry can feel threatening, and learn how to expand your awareness for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Today on Reclamation Radio:

  • The power of truth-seeking for personal liberation
  • Shedding deception & growing awareness
  • The nature of health
  • Navigating change without fear of being wrong
  • Finding the courage to question what we’ve been told

VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@Freedom_Now!:f/Why-The-Truth-Matters-with-Dr.-Tom-Cowan:5


Connect with Tom: drtomcowan.com

Learn more about Science and Eros, a live all day event on Feb 25th, here: scienceanderos.com

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