Escape! From the Cult of Materialism – Daphne Ellis

Mirrored from Freedom Now!, 25-2-2023 (50min). It’s awesome to enjoy material things but NOT be a slave to them , and have balance in Life and acknowledge the non material part of Life as well. Enjoy the movie!

Does the philosophy of materialism work to destroy our identities, experience, and environment? Join narrator Daphne Ellis on a radical romp through the evidence and decide for yourself. Escape! From the Cult of Materialism is a documentary style remix/mash-up of material from various sources, which are credited at the end.


Particular thanks for narration content to the 2006 BBC production of “Big Ideas That Changed the World: Consumerism”, the academic studies cited in the credits, and Erin Janus. Again, this is just a non-profit remix/mashup – with all sources credited, and no copyright infringements (501c3 educational film use).

“Very well done. A visual treat with its heart in the right place and a clear point of view.”
Peter Davis – Academy Award-winning Director of “Hearts and Minds”.

“Handsomely assembled and narrated with articulate insight, Escape! From the Cult of Materialism is an intelligent and thought-provoking film.” –

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