Science Scientism & Pseudoscience: Where Did It All Go Wrong? – Dawn Lester with Dr. Jordan Grant & Jerneja Tomsic Ph.D.

Mirrored from David Parker & Dawn Lester, 26-2-2023 (136min). In this conversation, Jerneja Tomsic PhD, Jordan Grant MD, and Dawn Lester discuss the problems with ‘science’ to find the answer to the question: Where did it all go wrong?

Topics covered include:

  • The meaning of science, pseudoscience & scientism
  • The preponderance of logical fallacies
  • Medical research
  • Peer review & trust in experts
  • Research funding/grants
    And more…..


Jerneja Tomsic’s presentation and bio

Dawn’s interviews with Jerneja—Medical-Research-And-Misplaced-Trust:d

Jordan Grant’s presentation and bio

Dawn’s Interview with Jordan

Dawn’s website