New Biology Q&A Webinar with Dr. Tom Cowan

Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, 1-3-2023 (62min). In this webinar, we held a Q&A session on questions previously submitted to us from our community.

Topics discussed:
1. Can Iscador therapy help meningioma tumors that have penetrated into the brain and are there any other known protocols that may help?
2. I just listened to your podcast from the EMF Summit. I am just wondering why you structure the water you drink so extensively, when in the interview you state there is no reason to structure or not structure your drinking water as once it enters the body it becomes structured via the liver?
3. I just wanted to know what type of Internet is safe for our health. I use optical gigafiber as Wi-fi at home.
I read about what you wrote about 5G and how it affects water. Can you tell me whether Wi-fi used at home through optical fibers coming through cable lines of 2.4 GHz bandwidth is okay? Or is it also an issue?
4. Do you have any thoughts on laser eye surgery?
5. I was hoping you might be able to address MTHFR in one of your upcoming webinars. I know you’re researching the idea of genes and DNA in general so I would love your take on this “gene snip” that leads to poor detoxification and how to reframe what is actually happening.
6. I know Dr. Cowan doesn’t diagnose, treat or recommend but may I ask what would he do if he had stage 4 metastatic cancer?
7. I’m totally against ‘virus’ vaccines, in fact ALL vaccines. The question is what are bacterial vaccines?
8. ALDOSTERONE…. what to eat to bring up these levels?
9. Is hydrogen peroxide or chlorine dioxide is better to ingest for health? Or are there specific indications for each?
10. Do you think it is possible to get hepatitis B via blood transfusion? What is a hepatitis B if viruses don’t exist and how could one cure this condition?
11. Are you aware of any natural ways to help cure/ treat a fungi/ rash infection without prescription drugs?
12. Why are aborted fetal cells in vaccines and how can and/or does injecting these cells from the opposite sex affect children/people?
13. If the heart is not a pump – how does one explain the electrical signals from the heart’s own nervous system seen in ECGs, Arrhythmias, etc.? What is that?
14. Can you please give your opinion on what causes joint pain in the hips?
15. What do you think of PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy?

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