“Real History” with Melissa – Ep. 7 – Webcam Girls

Mirrored from AlanWattCTTM, 3-3-2023 (67min).

Joe from Niagra Falls, Canada – Immigrant Parents – Father Contracted Polio as a Child – Discovering Alan Watt’s Talks – Rick Simpson –
Growing Cannabis with Father, a Strong Influence and Support – Pressure from Employer to Get Covid Vaccine – Growing Garlic, Making Sourdough
Bread – Food Security – Trading with People – The Beginning of the Pandemic, Affects of Lockdown on Psyche – Scarcity of Decent Women –
Sex is a Powerful Drive – Lack of Emotional Support During Pandemic – Live-streaming Webcam Sites During Lockdown – The Positive Influence of
Joe’s High School Girlfriend – Normalization and Mainstreaming of Internet Pornography During Covid – Research on Affects of Pornography –
Bond of the Family Unit – Christmas Day Windfall of Webcam Site Credits – Surveillance and Data Collection – Self-Cleaning Public Toilets –
Safe Shooting Up Sites for Heroin Addicts – Movie, Videodrome – Joe on Guitar – Baking and Gardening.

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