Flashback 2020: PCR Pandemic – Dr. Sam Bailey Interview with Virus Mania’s Dr. Claus Köhnlein

Mirrored from Dr. Sam Bailey, 27-10-2020 (36min). Dr Sam talks to Dr Claus Köhnlein (Co-Author, ‘Virus Mania’ ) about everything Covid-19. Diving deep into the reasons for excess mortality, Covid-19 PCR testing, parallels with the HIV epidemic, why coronavirus vaccines are being promoted and much more.

VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@drsambailey:c/pcr-pandemic-interview-with-virus-mania:9

References and show notes 👉 https://drsambailey.com/resources/videos/interviews/pcr-pandemic-interview-with-dr-claus-kohnlein/