Lab Leaks, The FBI & Health Freedom Leaders – Alec Zeck

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“Symptoms of ‘COVID’ according to the CDC:

•Fever or chills
•Shortness of breath
•Muscle or body aches
•New loss of taste or smell
•Sore throat
•Congestion or runny nose
•Nausea or vomiting

Nothing about the symptoms of ‘COVID’ are new, and even if they were, claiming them as proof of a ‘virus’ would be an affirming the consequent logical fallacy.

If there was a ‘bioweapon’ or a ‘lab leaked virus’ (and there’s no proof that there is), it was a shitty one.

A little more of my thoughts on ‘gain of function’.

‘Well what the hell are they doing in these labs?’

First, I’d like to start with this comment left by my buddy James:

‘I have an older cousin who has spent a couple decades doing cancer research. He is not sitting around laughing at the public; he truly believes what he’s been told about cancer and that genetic research could reveal the ‘cure’ to it. Billions (trillions?) of dollars and countless lives can be wasted by well-meaning people who never question the foundational assumptions of their fields and only research the minutia built on top of it.’

Now to my thoughts:

Molecular biologists and virologists legitimately believe they’re dealing with ‘viruses’ in labs, and in this case they likely really believe they’re increasing the pathogenicity of ‘viruses’ in labs. They do tinkering in cell cultures, sometimes inserting synthetic proteins/nucleic acids based on the assumption they’re coming from ‘virus’ particles, take the resultant substance and inject it into a mouse/ferret that’s been raised in an unnatural environment, fed an unnatural diet, in a perpetual state of fight/flight and sometimes exposed to previous experiments, the mouse/ferret gets sick and sometimes dies, and they then claim an increase in pathogenicity. They’re tricking themselves.

And aside from that, possibly (and for some of these very likely):

  • Money laundering: we know the government does this, and this is likely what they’re doing in Ukraine.
  • Nanoparticle R&D: per the work of Dr. Ana Mihalcea, Dr. David Nixon, La Quinta Columna, and several others, this seems to be the new unknown frontier. What better way to distract from the reality of these nanoparticles than to keep pushing the unproven idea of gain of function ‘viruses’?
  • Vaccine production/R&D: these are the real bioweapons. And of course, they require lab time and tons of funding to create.

The last thing I’ll say is this: how can we possibly conduct gain of function on ‘viruses’ when they first have not been demonstrated to exist? Creating toxic, synthetic proteins/nucleic acids is a separate discussion, but even that would have to be proven. And we have countless studies now showing that disease is not passed via the fluids of sick people. So again, where’s the proof?” – Alec Zeck



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