“Cutting Through the Matrix” with Alan Watt – Redux 99 – Resolute Spirit

Mirrored from AlanWattCTTM, 5-3-2023 (63min). “Espiritu Resuelto,” Resolute Spirit; Guitar – Remembering Alan – The Importance of Purpose and the Resolve to Commit to Your Purpose – Weston Gilson – Mike from Sweden – Shortcuts that Alan’s Talks and Writing Provide – Keep Hold of Your Mind – Alan’s Day in Town Where People Were in a Mental Funk – Chemspray and Technetronic Warfare – High Sciences of Perception Management – Brzezinski – Psychotronics, Computers Used to Pick Up On Your Electrical Impulses – Movie, Control Factor – Voice-to-Skull Technology – Television Flicker Rate – Changes in Your Environment to Change Your Behaviour – Going into a World of Rapid Changes – Modified Food, Inoculations – Huxley’s Brave New World – Audacious Knights Conquering Nature – Charles Darwin, Selective Breeding – Grief.

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