Flashback 2020: COVID-19 & The Infectious Myth with David Crowe

Mirrored from Alfa Vedic, 19-6-2020 (67min). The world is now under the delusion of a deadly new virus that has emerged from wild bats in China. To date, the purification and characterization of the alleged RNA identifier for COVID-19 is embarrassingly flawed, replete with false positives and circumstantial at best. David Crowe is the host of The Infectious Myth and his paper, Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory, is a timely must-read. David will be discussing problems with testing for COVID-19 and why we can’t necessarily believe what we hear when it comes to statistics on the situation with it. David has emerged as one of the most influential voices in uncovering the truth behind current pandemic fears through his brilliant research and insightful writing. As usual our discussion is in open-ended Alfacast fashion and not to be missed.

Show links: https://www.theinfectiousmyth.com/https://infectiousmyth.podbean.com/

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