Shattering the Virus Paradigm with Rob Edward and Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

Mirrored from Dr. Andrew Kaufman, 19-5-2022 (69min). [May 13, 2022] Rob Edward of the “Dig Within” show offers Andrew Kaufman M.D. an opportunity to discuss the emerging terrain theory and his experience debunking virus theory over the last two years. Dr. Andy explains the evolution of thought and discovery around water and health, a new […]

What We Weren’t Taught About Gonorrhea – Dr. Sam Bailey

Mirrored from Dr. Sam Bailey, 17-5-2022 (16min). Sexually transmitted “infections” are supposed to be irrefutable evidence of germ theory. Even some terrain theorists can be a bit uneasy talking about STIs.So I thought I’d take on one of the most famous of them all…Gonorrhea AKA “The Clap”. I found some eye-watering human experiments from the […]

Wednesday Webinar with Dr. Tom Cowan

Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, 18-5-2022 (55min). I hosted a live Q&A webinar on May 18th, 2022. Q&A Topics include:The problem with treating “diagnoses”What happens when the body expresses headache symptoms?Is it okay to use Shilajit-Mumijo and Marine Plasma Drinkable Sea Water together?What about ticks and Lyme disease?Discussing published scientific studies on Lyme disease

IRAN: Digital Food Rationing rolls out using Biometric IDs amid food riots – The Ice Age Farmer

Mirrored from The Ice Age Farmer, 17-5-2022 (13min). Iran is set to be the first country to roll out a food rationing scheme based on new biometric IDs. Where vaccine passports failed, food passports will now be eagerly accepted by hungry people who can’t afford rapidly inflating food prices. This is the realization of a […]

Joe Allen on understanding transhumanism – Jerm Warfare

Mirrored from Jerm Warfare, 15-5-2022 (88min). Joe Allen is a regular contributor on Steve Bannon’s War Room. He is highly knowledgable on transhumanism and what it is and how it’s affecting humanity. Joe joined me for a conversation about the definition of transhumanism; how transhumanism is interwoven into the fabric of modernity; why transhumanism matters; […]

Ian Jacklin with Dr. Andrew Kaufman – The Germ Theory and the Scamdemic

Mirrored from Dr. Andrew Kaufman, 12-5-2022 (69min). [April 19, 2022] Ian Jacklin is a truth activist who has confronted school boards and written a book to blow the lid off of fraudulent COVID claims. Jacklin invites Andrew Kaufman, M.D. to the Jackal’s Den to further illuminate inconsistencies with the scam called COVID-19. Dr. Andy describes […]

Straling van de mobiele telefoons, wifi en IoT, doodt onze bijen – / Apokalyps Nu!

Artikel gespiegeld van, door Ria Lurvink-Luttikhold, 15-05-22. Bijen zijn echte straalzoekers van natuurlijke straling. Bijen en andere bestuivende insecten zijn er slecht aan toe. Tijdens de Nationale Bijentelling 2022, 25 april 2022 staat  de honingbij wel op de eerste plek, maar is in verhouding…ㅤStraling van de mobiele telefoons, wifi en IoT, doodt onze bijen — […]